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Our customer satisfaction is monitored through a range of services designed to maintain a perfectly efficient state of the machines.

For us, technical assistance stands for being able to work side by side with our customers, and help them achieve success. Making available a service that suits their individual needs and that provides them with preemptive planned maintenance to guarantee optimum performance of our products.

The Panatta's service centres, distributed all over the word, make any kind of service call efficient and timely. The Panatta certified and specialised technicians are our guarantee for a quality service call.


Installation and technical support
Our Technicians coordinate all products installation and placement operations, where required intervening in the disassembly and re-assembly of the Panatta equipment.

The assistance centre verifies the equipment installed in the gym works properly and implements its warranty. The centre also trains the gym's personnel on the correct use and on the correct routine maintenance.

Personnel training
Through a specific training course, the Technicians will provide the Customer's personnel with all the necessary information to best preserve the equipment.

Assistance at the customer's site
The Technical Assistance Service intervenes in less than 48 hours from the Customer's request. All interventions are monitored via an information system connecting all Assistance Centres on the territory.

Scheduled maintenance
Our Technicians periodically intervene to carry out all routine maintenance interventions based on the life-span and use of the equipment, thus guaranteeing maximum operation and duration of all products.
Upon customer request, our Call Centre will immediately provide an estimate for the requested intervention.

Original spare parts
The Assistance Centres only use original spare parts and apply to Customers the Panatta official catalogues.


On-site Technical Intervention
All made interventions meet the quality requirements and are made by Panatta Certified Technicians.

Supply of Spare parts
A large stock of spare parts is available for our Customers. The Customer is also able, through the special Panatta Activity Kode (PAK), to track the order in real time.



Full Service means no longer having to worry about equipment management. The service includes the scheduled maintenance interventions, the periodical replacement of all consumption materials and the 5-year warranty. The best way to maintain the value of your investment high over time.

Scheduled Maintenance. The Technical Assistance Service intervenes three times a year to make all the necessary interventions to maintain the Panatta equipment highly efficient.

Replacing the consumption material. All worn consumption material, from the Runner belt to the padding, from the cables to the slide bushings, will be replaced maintaining the products' performances and operation unaltered.

5-year Warranty. The products are covered by a 5-year full warranty. The warranty covers all costs relating to spare parts and to Technical interventions.


The Panatta Assistance Service Technicians program all maintenance interventions on the products covered by this service. The certainty of having perfectly serviced products increases their reliability and duration, thus significantly reducing management costs.

The Technical Assistance Service intervenes three times a year to make all the necessary interventions to maintain your Panatta equipment highly efficient.



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You can request any kind of information, from the opening of an intervention to the monitoring of shipments of spare parts, from the Technical Support section.