The uniqueness of the contents, the tools for reaching the objectives. Panatta Academy provides across-the-board training, attentive to the needs of diversified targets and dedicated to troubleshooting.

To propose teaching suitable for clubs, Panatta Academy provides different paths that guarantee teaching theoretical and practical skills for the different fitness and wellness sectors. A primary aim will be that to accelerate the fitness company's business as well as improve individual skills, achieving personal and economic satisfaction.

Thanks to the support of sector professionals, Panatta is able to support the Club with different training courses.



Customised training is the ideal tool created by Panatta Academy to offer fitness and wellness companies a highly qualified preparation in the resolution of daily practices related to the fitness business. The prepared didactic offer focuses on a fundamental aspect in company management: drive, motivate and positively influence all personnel. A conscious management of the people we work with mean concrete added value for the company's wellbeing. The single-topic paths presented by Panatta Academy are malleable on the actual needs of the requesting company.

The managerial part of the course will allow creating the fitness company with technical and managerial skills. All marketing, financial, communicational, legislative and organisational know-how will be transferred to be 100% effective and efficient.

Whereas, the course with commercial focus will address themes and topics to anticipate the fitness and wellness market development. The trained commercial figures will, in this way, have the necessary know-how to sell "wellbeing" and motivate customers to a healthy style. An important focus of the course will address the techniques and methods to loyalise the customer and add value to the fitness structure.


This course concentrates on the tasks the technical manager must perform and the necessary developments of his role and of all trainers working within the fitness centre. The first step is that of a complete and in-depth knowledge of the Panatta machinery. This will allow trainers to convey the value and uniqueness of our machinery to the final users.