Style and technology
for everyone

The long time experience of Panatta is best expressed with the new cardiofitness Fenix. The design purity revives into the essence of technology: clean shapes, simple and intuitive user interface with training programs suitable to satisfy the needs of every user. At last with Fenix the real Made in Italy with a quality/price ratio that only Panatta can offer.



The sophisticated software optimizes the performance by programming the training, according to user’s needs while keeping effort under control;


Maximum functionality enriched by a large object compartment that offers a comfortable solution for every need;


Exclusive care for details
(e.g.: bottle holder);


The machine has a heart rate monitoring either by telemetric receiver and by hand pulse sensors placed on the handlebars. Automatic selection of the device by giving priority to the telemetric band (Polar receiver).

Style and technology for everyone.
Finally with Fenix the real Made in Italy with a value for money that only Panatta can offer.