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Kids’ aim is one of educating our children while they have fun with a system created for kids aged from 5 to 11. Games, sport, prevention, imagination and creativity are the backbone of this line, based on posture control and a coordinated and balanced use of strength. Machines designed for kids, with interactive displays and sensors for correct postures that combine play and exercise during thrilling group lessons. Available in the medical version.



The machines have been specially designed to favour interaction with the child. The names of imaginary characters given to the machines, their appealing appearance and bright colours envoke the reassuring figures of large puppets in the child’s mind and the child sees them as new playmates.


The Kids Corner is the space dedicated to children – their very own territory. It defines the space and context in which motor activities are performed as a game. Often indoor areas like Fitness Clubs or Sports Centres do not have a dedicated area for “kids” which is suited to their motor requirements and where the psychomotor skills of the child are stimulated while they have fun.


The Mooooving Kids!!!! method which was developed with the professional collaboration of Roberto Carminucci and Maria Luisa Quinci is based on the fundamental importance of completing the benefits of workouts on equipment and machinery with enjoyable exercises that help the growth of children.


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The Kids Project is designed to allow children to do motor activities and is a fitted playground, where children move freely, with games and stimuli that help the child develop his or her motor performance.

A team of experts including doctors, sports technicians, educators and psychologists worked placed their experience at our disposal to create the Kids project.