• Mechanisches Band, das den Gang simuliert
  • Großer Griff, der unterschiedliche Positionen der Übung erlaubt
  • Einstellung des Widerstands
  • Einstellung der Neigung
  • Doppeltes Schwungrad: maximale Flüssigkeit
  • Große Lauffläche
  • Leichtes Bewegungssystem
  • Platzsparend
  • nicht-elektrische

/ Jill Cooper Master Instructor

The mission of PANATTA SPORT with RACE WALKER with the extraordinary participation of Jill Cooper is to offer a combination between really high quality equipment and teaching methods which allow trainers and gym owners to have satisfied customers. These customers will promote your activity by word of mouth which is the best advertising in the world.

The training course by Jill Cooper on RACEWALKER, which uses this wonderful machine in an innovative and amusing way, especially for Panatta Sport. A mix between walks and dynamic and static exercises which give to the trainer but also to client all the means to train in an efficient way but always through new and innovative stimulations.

Each course with RACE WALKER according to Jill Cooper should be special and not ripetitive in order to increase the interest in the final user.

We are waiting for you! Call immediately for information and reservation! (Tel. 0733-611824 / formazione@panattasport.it)


Länge closed 63 cm
Breite closed 81 cm
Höhe closed 150 cm
Länge open 150 cm
Breite open 81 cm
Höhe open  150 cm
Gewicht 93 Kg
Laufband Oberfläche 42x128 cm
[lunghezza] closed 63 cm
[larghezza] closed 81 cm
[altezza] closed 150 cm
[lunghezza] open 150 cm
[larghezza] open 81 cm
[altezza] open  150 cm
[peso] 93 Kg
[treadmill-surface] 42x128 cm

Via Madonna della Fonte 3/c - 62021 Apiro (MC) Italy
T. +39 0733 611824 - F. +39 0733 611777
www.panattasport.com - info@panattasport.com

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The accessories (dumbells, discs and barbells) are always placed as decorum therefore not included in the machine.

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