Dumbbells base

Base Dumbells are predetermined load dumbbells that feature a rubber coating. They have ergonomic handles with independent 360 degree rotation to ensure maximum comfort for the user. The 1MB4 – 1MB10 dumbbells range from 4 to 10 kg with a load increment of 1kg.The 1MB12-1MB60 dumbbells range from 12 to 60 kg with a load increment of 2kg.

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Technical Data
4-10 kg rubberised version with 1 kg increases (1MB4 – 1MB10)
12-60 kg rubberised version with 2 kg increases (1MB12 – 1MB60)
Ergonomic handle with independent rotation of 360°
Frame Colors: white, graphite, glossy silver, red
Weight tolerance: +/- 5%

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