Arnold Classic UK & Panatta – Three-year sponsorship agreement signed

In 2024 Arnold Classic UK and Panatta takes their partnership to new heights in Europe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, famously known as “The Governator,” has curated a breathtaking mosaic of events bearing his name, and he is fortified by a legion of devoted fans and a select group of exceptional corporate allies. In the spotlight is Panatta, an Italian fitness and bodybuilding stalwart renowned for its innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to the industry on a global scale.

The union between Panatta and this event is no novelty, as the Italian company had previously proven its mettle by endorsing and participating in The Oak’s multisport festivals since their inaugural editions in Columbus (Ohio) and several times in Spain. Panatta’s heritage extends across six decades, encompassing cutting-edge bodybuilding equipment, enlightening seminars, generous support for premier sports competitions and athletes worldwide, with a perpetual ardor for the world of sports.

The city of Birmingham is slated to host the 2024 British edition and Panatta granted a 3-year presenting sponsorship contract for this competition – the Arnold Classic UK. At the expo, Panatta is set to recreate its enchantment within a vast 300-square-meter booth and a sprawling 200-square-meter Muscle Gym. This will serve as an interactive hub, inviting athletes, enthusiasts, and potential clients to experience firsthand the excellence in Italian sports equipment. Beyond being educational, this experience promises a great deal of fun, making it a must-visit destination. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to rub shoulders with the greatest of all time (GOATs), including celebrated Olympians like Ronnie Coleman ( 8 times Mr. Olympia) and Phil Heath ( 7 times Mr. Olympia) together with stunning fitness models.

To sum it up, in 2024, for those eager to experience the allure of the Panatta booth at the UK Arnold Classic, mark your calendars for March 15-17, 2024. It promises to be an unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of top-tier sports equipment and athletic inspiration, maybe also a workout session and a Meet & Greet with their distinguished ambassadors.


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