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The best racing experience 100% Made in Italy!

Runner Fenix Touch is an indoor running and walking treadmill.  Made of automotive components for a cutting-edge treadmill. A professional running treadmill with maximum performance thanks to Smart and Pro workouts software ideal for even the most experienced runners. Designed for intense and professional use, it features an advanced automatic lubrication system that allows to keep the board/carpet system efficient over time while minimizing maintenance costs.
Maximum Entertainment: Virtual training, Internet, TV, Streaming Services on demand, Social Media, Web radio.
Designed and built in Italy. Opportunity to customize the frame in multiple colours from the Panatta Atelier.

Main technical pros:

  • Solid and sturdy structure: steel frame with thickness up to 10 mm.
  • Automatic Lubrication. Panatta uses an innovative, fully automated system that lubricates only when needed, keeping the board efficient and long-lasting. We do not use wax-soaked boards that have limited life and require constant and costly maintenance.
  • Phenolic board shock absorbing system with rubber pads that reduces joints stress and ensures a real running feeling.
  • Large running surface, ideal for any type of user.
  • Cushioned running platform: the carpet adapts naturally to the running style.
  • Heart rate detection with handhelds on the console and via Bluetooth®. Includes Polar® telemetry band.
  • Mitsubishi® professional inverter
  • Safety stop. Maximum safety, thanks to the automatic locking system of the running surface.
  • Adjustable floor supports.
  • Bottle holder and object storage.
  • Headphone audio jack to listen to the best music during training.
  • USB 3.0 input. MP3 audio reading from personal device and mobile phone charging function
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Technical Data
Dimensions 215X85X145 cm
Treadmill surface 155X52 cm
Speed 0.5/20 KM/H (±0.1)
Inclination 0-15%
Power Supply 2300 VAC 50/60 Hz
Weight 205 Kg
Rated engine power 3 HP
Engine Power (peak) 7 HP
Max. absorbed power 2300 VA
Warranty (frame) 7 years
Internet Connection Yes
TV:DVB-T/T2 H.264 H.265, IPTV, DVB-C Standard
TV:ATSC Optional
Wifi®/ Bluethooth® Optional

Via Madonna della Fonte 3/c - 62021 Apiro (MC) Italy -

Panatta® reserves the right to modify its products and documentation at any time without prior notice. All Panatta® brand and patents are owned by Panatta s.r.l. in Italy and abroad. Panatta © Copyright. The accessories (dumbells, discs and barbells) are always placed as decorum therefore not included in the machine

The best running experience 100% Made in Italy. Runner Fenix Touch is a treadmill for indoor running and walking. Designed for intensive use, it features an advanced automatic lubrication system that keeps the table/tack system efficient over time while minimising maintenance costs.


15″ capacitive Led Touch- high brightness.


Steel frame up to 10 mm in thickness. Automotive-derived components for state-of-the-art treadmill also in terms of materials.


Panatta uses an innovative, full-automated system that lubricates only when needed, keeping the table efficient and long lasting.


A shock-absorbing system made of phenolic board with rubber pads that reduces stress on the joints and ensures a real running sensation. The mat adapts naturally to the running style.


Hand sensors and polar telemetry e rilevazione del battito cardiaco con palmari presenti nella console e via Bluetooth® con fascia telemetrica Polar®.


Frame available in different colours of the Panatta Atelier.

Performance, Entertainment, TV and Social Media.
Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface for a dynamic and modern digital fitness experience. An interactive display designed to last.

  • DISPLAY HD 15” LED. Maximum brightness and parameters visibility. A display designed to last over time with low power consumption.
  • Multi-Touch screen. Capacitive multitouch screen for an amazing user experience and interaction
  • Reliability. Tempered 4 mm thick touch screen glass. Guaranteed resistance against breaks and scratches. Industrial components for a reliability of professional use over time.
  • Maximum resistance to sweat. Touch screen mounting in aseptic environment with guaranteed water resistance.
  • Smart. Parameter adjustments made through innovative circular control systems that make the most of the touch display characteristic. Quick parameter selection system with popup.
  • Professional. Smart and PRO training programs designed for each type of user: from beginner to professional of different sports profiles. Opportunity to create custom profiles for each user.
  • Multimedia – Maximum entertainment: access to multimedia content, internet, TV, web radio music and video. Browser based on Google Chrome for compatibility and top speed.
  • TV and Streaming Services On Demand Available platforms Streaming Services On Demand including Netflix® and Prime Video®.
  • Virtual Training and outdoor training paths – Virtual training paths that allow you to train in natural contexts. The various outdoor courses are adapted to the training rhythm, the speed/inclination or selected resistance by the user.
  • Internet connection. Fast connection to websites, web radio and social media. Connection via LAN cable as standard, optional Bluetooth modules 5.0 and WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band.
  • Performance. Computing speed and maximum performance thanks to the X86 platform with Intel® Apollo Lake processor, 32 GB of RAM memory and 4K graphics acceleration.
  • User Recognition and Personal training. User recognition via USB and opportunity to customize the training for each type of user. Opportunity for the club to upload its own training programs.
  • Advanced control panel that allows adjustment of the machine’s main technical variants.
  • Free software updates Each new version can be activated free of charge from the advanced control panel, without the need of a technician’s intervention.

Panatta gives you the opportunity to customise your equipment proposing different colour of frames.


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