Pectoral machine

The Pectoral Machine is very important in the isolated work of the pectoral muscles. The machine is built to stimulate all Grand Pectoralis muscle with a focus on medium bundles. The opportunity of precluding muscles such as triceps allows the user to focus on pectoral muscle exhaustion only. The levers allow two different grips for a better machine adaptation to different height and physiology users. The presence of the CAM guarantees resistance throughout the arc of movement avoiding pressure drops and ensuring a bell curve in line with that of the muscle. The preload lever facilitates the initial movement of the load allowing the user to train safely even with high loads.


  • machine for training pectoral muscles
  • magnetic pin to select the load
  • weight stack carter in textured ABS
  • illustrative chart with QR code linked to technical video

Technical Info

  • variation of the load with progression of 2,5 kg
  • integrated storage
  • pre-load lever
  • seat with gas assisted height adjustment
  • Backrest with gas assisted horizontal adjustment
  • cam to guarantee natural adaption of the load
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Body area
  • Upper Body
Targeted Muscles
  • Pectorals (pecs)
Technical Data
Width 135 cm
Length 145 cm
Height 160 cm
Weight 290 Kg
Standard Load 80 Kg
Optional Load 120 Kg

Via Madonna della Fonte 3/c - 62021 Apiro (MC) Italy -

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