The Best Equipment & Multifunction Workout Machine for Gym

    Panatta is one of the world's leading manufacturers of isotonic equipment and cardio fitness, to create a professional gym anywhere.
Panatta is specialized in multifunction workout and gym equipment, for a small gym and big fitness center.
With Panatta, every workout becomes an experience at the Top.


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Our multifunction workout machine meets every need, gym or trainer. Our team assists customers in studying and designing interior environments, proposing the best and most effective layout of the spaces for each customer’s needs.

“Fitness for everyone, a true lifestyle that combines physical energy and mental equilibrium to give security at any age and to help you live and work well, in a better relationship with yourself and others.” Edoardo Panatta

In Panatta we offer you customized solutions adapted to each kind of sector: gyms, fitness, sport facilities, hotels. Italian technology for multifunction workout machine in the gyms of the world!

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