Panatta is even greener.

We’ve installed a new solar power plant. The 44% of energy demand realised by our own. The Led light point enable to avoid production of 318 tons/year of CO2 particles.

Panatta company always has combined his Made in Italy with a focus on the environment where it is established.

This means to put the effort on all new technologies that could help to protect the natural environment around production plants.

As of today, the company made another important step. The starting-up of a new solar power plant on all the factory roofs. Despite an annual consumption of 1.160.000 kw/hour, the new solar power plant will produce by its own 510.000 kw/hour, the 44% of the annual amount that the company needs.

Together with the installation of the new solar power plant, the company provided to substitute all the light points with Led bulbs. With this action the company has reduced his energy consumption from 279.000 kw/hour to 126.000 kw/hour, saving the 55% of the entire energy.

Despite costs reduction, the most important record is the CO2 particles quantities avoided that is up to 318 tons/year, in agreement with the Company goals about environment sustainability.

This energy reduction will help Panatta Company, already the first company in metal mechanical sector with proved CO2 emissions lower than the limits allowed by the laws, as always verified from responsible bodies, to be greener.

Panatta is always working in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 laws with the utmost respect for the environment reducing carbon footprint of his productions, using fully recycled materials with an almost total recovery of its components. A daily commitment to always offers to our clients not only excellent biomechanical machinery but also a low impact on the environment.

In a recent interview, Angela Tosti, the president of Panatta company, has confirmed that ” the installation of the new solar power plant will help our company to obtain more self-sufficiency energy thanks by using renewable energy and to avoid the increasing price of the non-renewable energy that took place since the last year.


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