DFC 184 ELITE / 1DFC001

  • Racks and DFC logo characterise the design
  • Sturdy structure consists of 80x80x3mm e 80x40x3mm load-bearing sections
  • 8mm thick sheets
  • Safe use
  • Frame guaranteed 7 years
  • Mobile Panatta Modules can be assembled and disassembled as desired
  • Safe handling system
  • Stable and intuitive fastening system that provides stability during exercise
  • Fixed Panatta Modules can be screwed in different positions to make full use of available exercise space
  • Mobile Panatta Module handling and Fixed Panatta Module positioning flexibility confer high composition versatility to the structure
  • Colour variations allow further customisation. All aerial components and crossbars are painted graphite. All uprights and most Panatta Modules can be painted the following colours: red, yellow, white, black, graphite and silver.



Lenght 790 cm
Width 420 cm
Height 410 cm
Weight 1370 Kg
Exercise space 60 (at least 6x10m), extra 7.5m on the battle rope use side
Functional training and group training
12 people can train simultaneously
4 training stations with racks for exercise set-up
4 different traction bars
9 extra training stations: horizontal ladder, inclined ladder, 2 lateral traction bars, punching bag, climbing rope, power joint, ball target and battle rope
6 racks for kettlebell, slam ball, med ball and wall ball
16 disk holders
16 structural uprights and 20 crossbars
2 connection ladders

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The accessories (dumbells, discs and barbells) are always placed as decorum therefore not included in the machine.

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