Panatta is the longest-lived italian Company in the Fitness Industry, the one and only to produce totally the machines Made in Italy.

Panatta was founded 6 decades ago by the passion of Rudy Panatta, the company bases its roots in the origin of the physical culture. 

The success of the Panatta brand in the world has been possible thanks to the total control of the development cycle and the production process of each single machine, whose production phases are all carried out inside the company. The company expands over 20,000 m2 of complete indoor property plants, located in the heart of the Marche region.


  • Legal office – administrative headquarters
  • Sales and Marketing departments
  • Showroom of over 1200 sqm with more than 220 fitness machines to view and try out
  • Engineering and Design department composed by a team of engineers and designers
  • After sale office and spare parts delivery


  • Laboratory of prototypation
  • Laboratory test
  • Mechanical department equipped with 16 manual welding working stations , three-dimensional Robot welding with 10 axles and numerical control machine center
  • Mechanized production centre for counterweight including cutting, drilling and finishing operations (1 weight every 38 seconds)
  • Polyurethane molding department with a double system for flexible production (paddings) and end-to-end management (platform, cloche, etc.)
  • Powder coating plant in line: sandblasting machine for cleaning the pieces, 3 painting booths with robotic system, oven and 250 m long aerial conveyor that delivers the finished product directly to the assembly department. Operating system on multiple shifts.
  • Isotonic and cardio fitness assembly departments
  • Quality control and final testing of every single realized product
  • Logistic office and shipping with robotized packaging system