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Super Rowing Machine Circular

The Super Rowing Machine Circular Panatta is a machine specifically for training the back muscles, replicating the horizontal pulling motion of the upper limbs in a seated position; the circular guided trajectory promotes activation of the adductor muscles of the scapulae (trapezius and rhomboids) while limiting that of the elbow flexors (brachialis and biceps brachii).

Compared with similar horizontal pulling exercises performed with free weights or cable machines, the Super Rowing Machine Circular has the advantage of generating, thanks to its lever system, a physiological load curve in line with the force curve developed by the target muscles; thanks to this system, muscle contraction is kept high and constant throughout the ROM, maximizing the effectiveness of the exercise. The articulated and rotating handles with which the machine is equipped allow maximum freedom in grip, which is also variable during movement, eliminating any stress or forcing on wrists and elbows. Thanks to all these insights, the Super Rowing Machine Circular combines maximum effectiveness at the muscle level with minimal risk at the joint level; the two facilitated movement start levers, which are independent on both sides, also contribute in the latter aspect.



After adjusting the height of the seat according to one’s height and according to the type of movement to be performed, simply grasp the two handles (using the easy entry levers) and perform the pull-up, with the torso properly resting on the central padding.

By adjusting the height of the seat, the working angles and muscle stimulus can be varied:

  • By positioning the seat lower the movement of the humerus is close to an abduction in the transverse plane, with particular activation of middle and upper trapezius, rhomboid and posterior deltoid;
  • By positioning the seat higher, on the other hand, the movement of the humerus shifts toward an extension in the sagittal plane, with particular activation of the middle and lower trapezius, rhomboid, and great spine.

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